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During the Industrial Revolution, the social
structure of society changed dramatically.
Before the Revolution most people lived in
small villages, working either in agriculture or
as skilled craftsmen. They lived and often
worked as a family, doing everything by hand.
In fact, three quarters of Britain’s population
lived in the countryside, and farming was the
predominant occupation (Porter). With the
advent of industrialization, however,
everything changed. The new enclosure laws
—which required that all grazing grounds be
fenced in at the owner’s expense—had left
many poor farmers bankrupt and
unemployed, and machines capable of huge
outputs made small hand weavers redundant.
As a result, there were many people who
were forced to work at the new factories.
This required them to move to towns and
cities so that they could be close to their new
jobs. It also meant that they made less money
for working longer hours. Add to this the
higher living expenses due to urbanization,
and one can easily see that many families’
resources would be extremely stretched. As a
result, women and children were sent out to
work, making up 75% of early workers
(Stearns). Families were forced to do this,
since they desperately needed money. How to
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